Volume 2015, Number 4

The Board of Editors is pleased to present Issue 4 of the 2015 Volume of the Illinois Law Review.

First, Professor Sean O’Connor argues that the loss of the art-based patent system is leading to over- and under-inclusive senses of patent eligible subject matter as well as amnesia as to the long-standing importance of method patents.

Next, Professor Jessica Erickson proposes a new market for leadership in corporate litigation – a market that includes more than just lawyers.

Third, Professor Usha Rodrigues examines data about the 2012 JOBS Act amendments to the Securities Exchange Act Section 12(g) and answers the critical question of when, if ever, we should force private firms to become public.

Fourth, Professors David A. Hyman, Bernard Black, and Charles Silver explore the economics of plaintiff-side personal injury firms.

Issue 4 concludes with notes by John Motylinski, Anika Hermann Bargfrede, and Kristal Petrovich.

Symposium on Free Speech and Constitutional Values

The editorial board is pleased to present the fall 2015 publication of Slip Opinions, the online companion to the University of Illinois Law Review.

The symposium was generated primarily by the article Free Speech Constitutionalism by Professor Alexander Tsesis, which was published in the 2015 volume of the University of Illinois Law Review.

The symposium features responses to Free Speech Constitutionalism, with contributions from:

Mark A. Graber;

David S. Han;

Helen Norton; and

Margot E. Kaminski.

New Members Announced for 2015-16

Please join us in congratulating the Law Review’s newest additions:

Steven Bieszczat
Timothy Borchardt
Magdala Boyer
Laura Buecker
Elizabeth Carter
Jeffrey Cassidy
Shalyn Caulley
Michael Chandra
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Ian Follansbee
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