Contradictory Rehnquist-Roberts Era Speech Law – Available Early

In the January 2013 issue, the University of Illinois Law Review will be publishing Professor David Kairys’s Essay, The Contradictory Messages of the Rehnquist-Roberts Era Speech Law: Liberty and Justice for Some.  In his Essay, Professor Kairys suggests that, beyond the familiar First Amendment rhetoric of self-expression, empowerment of the people, and triumphal American democracy, there are differences between the Court’s treatment of modes of speech available to people of ordinary means, and modes available to corporations and the wealthy. The Court’s curtailment of rights related to the former, and expansion of rights related to the latter, skews, corrupts, and undermines the democratic process.  Because of its relevance to political speech this election season, the board of editors is pleased to make the Article available early.

Click here to download David Kairys’s Essay.

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