2014 Note Selections Announced

Please join us in congratulating the  following students whose notes have been chosen for publication:
  • Best Note:  Nathaniel Wackman, Historical Cellular Location Information and the Fourth Amendment
  • Nisha Chandran, The Privilege of PR: An Analysis of Applying the Attorney-Client Privilege to Crisis Communications Consultants
  • Alexis Dyschkant, Legal Personhood: How We Are Getting It Wrong
  • Brian Enright, The Constitutional “Terra Incognita” of Discretionary Concealed Carry Laws
  • Alyssa Falk, As Easy as Shooting Fish in a Barrel? Why Private Game Reserves Offer a Chance to Save the Sport of Hunting and Conservation Practices
  • Alex Garel-Frantzen, CERCLA § 309 and Beyond: Statutes of Limitations, Rules of Repose, and the Broad Implications of Waldburger v. CTS Corp. Outside    the Context of Environmental Law
  • Anika Hermann, Demolishing the Schoolhouse Gate: Tinkering with the Constitutional Boundaries of Punishing Off-Campus Student Speech
  • Jamie Johnson, Removing the Cloak of Amateurism: Employing College Athletes & Creating Optional Education
  • John Motylinski, E-Discovery Realpolitik: Why Rule 37(e) Must Embrace Sanctions to Ensure Lower E-Discovery Costs
  • Thanhan Nguyen, It’s About Time: Reconsidering Whether Laches Should Lie Against the Government
  • Kristal Petrovich, Extending Batson to Sexual Orientation: A Look at Smithkline Beecham Corp. v. Abbott Labs
  • Bryce Pfalzgraf, Taxing the Keg: An Analysis on the Potential Effects of Changing the Federal Excise Tax on Beer
  • Jared Pickman, Checking Faith at the Door: For-Profit Corporations, Religious Exercise, and the HHS Mandate
  • Kate Poorbaugh, Security Protocol: A Procedural Analysis of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Courts
  • Benjamin Sunshine & Victor Pereyra, Access-to-Justice v. Efficiency: An Empirical Study of Settlement Rates After Twombly & Iqbal
  • Nicholas Vallorano, Illinois Constitution Revisited, Time to Merge the State Treasurer and Comptroller

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