Volume 2013, Number 4

The Board of Editors is pleased to present Issue 4 of the 2013 Volume of the Illinois Law Review.

First Professors Goodwin and Duke explain why federal and state commitments to align transitions from foster care services with the two-parent, often heterosexual model undermines primary goals of child welfare services, including providing permanent, stable placements for abandoned, neglected, and abused children.

Next, Professor Liu argues that the unique nature of copyrighted works passing into the public domain post-2018, along with dramatic cultural, economic, and technological changes in the past ten years, mean that our experience with a “new public domain” will differ fundamentally—and in ways not yet fully appreciated—from our experience with the old public domain.

Following, Professor Chapman explores the relationship between conscience and religion in history, political theory, and theology, and proposes a conception of conscience that supports a liberty of conscience distinct from religious liberty.

Further, Professor Zarsky sets forth a unique and comprehensive conceptual framework for understanding the role transparency must play as a regulatory concept in the crucial and innovative realm of automated predictive modeling.

The issue concludes with notes by Hannah Costigan-Cowles, Jane E. Dudzinski, Amy Timm, and Timothy Justin Trapp.


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