New Members Announced for 2014-15

Please join us in congratulating the Law Review’s newest additions. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail has earned them a place on one of the finest legal journals in the country.

Blair Anthony
Alexis Bargione
Kristen Bradley
Heidi Brady
Hannah Brennan
Fang Bu
Amy Ceranowicz
Matthew Chang
Todd Cherry
Han Cui
Madeline Davis
Samuel Domjen
Jennifer Eldridge
Elizabeth Farrington
Tara Feld
Benjamin Ganellen
Alexandra Gecas
Anna Gotfryd
Amy Harwath
Julia Holcer
Zachary Johnson
Ismail Kuru
Elizabeth Martin
Kevin McKeown
Nicholas Meerson
Ryan Mills
Robert Morse
Kyle Mueller
Philip Pence
Lucas Rael
Michael Rayfield
Stephen Ross
William Schmitz
Abigail Twenter
Scott Vail
Dilan Weeratunga
Michael T. Wester
Jake Wiesen
Tyler Zmick

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